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The first step to getting a loan is the initial conversation.
This conversation is casual, to get the best loan for you.
Sometimes people need to make some adjustments - Payoff some debt, Raise their credit score, acquire a longer work history, to be abe to get a home.  It isn't a No. It's guidence to get yu loan in aa a few months or a year.  You would be amazed how many are able to fix a few small things over a short time to be abe to qualify for a home.
There are different types, programs, and each lender has their own perimeters which change often.

We need to know about you, and the home you want to buy.
There are a couple of calculations and many considerations in pre qualifying for a loan.
It all starts with a casual conversation
Call Harold or Shari at 928-302-2900
Once you are per-qualified, you can show your per-qualification letter to your real estate agent, to go see homes in your price range.

Here is some of the information you'll need to start,...
2 years tax returns, w-2's, 1009's
2 months bank statements
1 month pay stubs
2 years the same type of trade for work
Any loan info student loan, auto loan, home loans etc
revolving loan info such as charge cards master card visa etc
Government I D
Copy of Social Security Card ( Don't send it you will be asked for it later )
any legal paperwork such as
judgments, liens, tax liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, deed in lieu, divorce decree, alimony, etc.
I know it seems like a lot, however you are trying to borrow over $250,000. As a lender I am sure you understand they want to cover them self.
One thing we will need is honesty. Be up front and tell it like it is and don't try to hide anything. Disclose all upfront. The ones who try to hide things usually lose and here is why. It usually will be found out at some point before the deal is done, and the lender may walk on you for being deceptive, after you spent money for a home inspection and an appraisal. That is only one example.
After the casual conversation, the Loan Officer and you will complete the formal application and run the credit report. This is where the Pre Approval will come from.
After you have completed the loan application, your loan goes into processing and the loan processor will gather info, such as proof of income, work etc.
When that is completed, it gets sent to the underwriter. The underwriter is the boss in determining your loan approval or denial.

Pre-Qualification gives you an idea of how much you can afford in buying a home based on information usually given on a verbal conversation. A Pre-Qualification Letter given to a Realtor® lets the agent know you are serious about buying a home. Most agents will not show homes or even return calls to those who are not Pre-Qualified. A good Pre-Qualification is the first step and usually leads to starting the Pre-Approval process which is the actual proof or documentation for your loan. Some people may not be ready and the Pre-Qualification helps the Loan officer give general advice on what needs to be done to better prepare to get a loan such as paying down debts or fixing credit issues.

In Addition to a Down Payment on a Home, there are additonal closing costs involved in getting a home. The average Home Buyer needs around 8% of the purchase price to buy a home. Every buyer and every Home purchase varies.
What I am saying is, You should have money in the bank before you buy a home. There is also a responsibility of keeping the Home maintained and that costs money. Lenders want to know that you are not "House poor," but rather comfortably home.

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